Global Family Fund

Global Family Fund is the bridge for family offices, high net-worth individuals and institutions to invest advantageously into the top venture capital deals. Global Family Fund is powered by Family Office Experiences and Limited Ventures creating the access and network to invest alongside Top Funds, Tier 1 family offices and billionaires.

  • Access

    Access a global network of financiers, tier-one family offices, institutional capital, endowments, founder-centric venture capital funds, C-Suite Executive, Fortune-500 Companies, Portfolio Companies, portfolio companies, UHNWI, professional athletes, influencers, artists and entertainment.

  • Deal Flow

    Our network leads to top deal flow. Access into over-subscribed rounds, friends and family rounds, and discounted rounds.

  • Value Add

    We add value through strategic partnerships, top advisors, new distribution channels, industry leading board members, brand ambassadorship, strategic capital, exit opportunities, strategic joint ventures, creative growth, financial literarcy curriculum and better banking partners.

Global Family Fund

Nothing on this website should be construed as an offer or solicitation for investment either in Global Family Fund or any of its portfolio companies. For more information please contact us.

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Global Family Fund is a Venture Capital Fund based in Miami, Florida.